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Lawn Maintenance


Pro Lawn Care mows each lawn at the recommended mowing height (generally 3 inches) for each type of grass. Mulch mowing is the preferred method of mowing. Mulching allows the blade of grass to decompose, while releasing nutrients and water back into the soil acting as a fertilizer. No more than one third of the blade should be removed to keep the turf vigorous and compete against weeds and diseases. Mower blades are sharpened regularly to ensure a quality cut and promote a healthy lawn. When possible, changing the mowing patterns will keep from rutting the lawn and also help the blade of grass to continue growing upright.


Trimming is a technique used to cut grass and weeds in areas where lawn mowers aren’t accessible. Typical areas like this are walls, fences, mailbox posts, light poles, trees, flower beds, and sometimes driveways and sidewalks. Pro Lawn makes these hard to reach grass areas flush with the mower-cut grass.


Edging is finely grooming along the edges that prevents grass from growing outside of the lawns boundaries. Pro Lawn Care makes a vertical cut in a straight line along the grass boundaries between sidewalks, driveways, and other lawn boundaries. This brings an amateur lawn cut up to a professional level. An accurately edged lawn looks amazing.

Leaf Removal

If there is a minimal amount of leaves, Pro Lawn Care recommends mulching the leaves back into the soil for nutrients. In cases where there is an abundance of leaves, Pro Lawn Care will collect and remove the leaves from the property. Gutter cleaning is available at an additional cost.

Shrub Trimming

Regular trimming of shrubs and hedges promotes healthy development and a neat appearance. Pro Lawn Care will remove and haul away all debris.

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